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Free! Open to New Clients only. Use my online calendar to schedule your quick- no obligation- 10 minute phone consultation.


Therapy Session

$125 for 50min Session

Intuitive Life Coaching

$150 for 50min session


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All sessions require card on file and must be booked using online system

New Clients: Please book your first session As an initial phone consultation. This is a 10 minute phone call with me to get a better idea of what you are experiencing. once we decide to move forward with working together we will schedule your first therapy or life coaching session and set you up as a new client in the practice.

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What is the difference between Therapy and Intuitive Life Coaching?

Therapy is a traditional method for resolving emotions, past experiences, relationship issues and job/performance issues. Therapy is full of interventions and techniques that stem from well-researched theories and methods. This is what makes therapy different from a normal conversation. Therapy works well for experiences that correlate to mental health such as: anxiety, depression, phobias, mood disturbances, relationship conflict, addictions, etc.

Intuitive Life Coaching is rooted more in spiritual practices, energy work, and emphasizes spiritual and emotional healing. Intuitive Life Coaching uses the aids of non-traditional methods such as tarot/angel cards, energy exercises, and connecting to our inner sense of self. Intuitive Life Coaching brings the focus back to the client’s inner voice of guidance, and works well for finding one’s purpose in life, achieving abundance, and experiencing balance and peace. Coaching has a stronger element of involvement from the practitioner through forms of advice and guidance.  

Are you accepting new clients?

 It depends. It is absolutely vital that therapists and coaches work only within their skillset. During our initial consultation, I gather an in-depth understanding of what you are experiencing and if I am the best therapist and coach to support you. Sometimes this means that it is best that I help you find another provider who might specialize in what you’re experiencing. Once we establish if I’m the right fit for you, then we move forward in setting you up as a new client within the practice.

 What does pre-licensed professional mean?

This means that I am nearly finished in completing the requirements for full licensure as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the state of Virginia. I have been approved by the board of Social Work within VA as a pre-licensed professional, and work weekly with my mentor to ensure that my clients receive the best treatment possible. My studies in England delayed my licensing process in the state of Virginia, which I consider to be a worthy sacrifice for the fantastic learning I received abroad. I am expected to complete the requirements for the LCSW by examination in 2019.

Do you take Insurance?

Insurance is not accepted. At the end of the month I can provide you a statement that you may send to your insurance company to seek reimbursement for out of network benefits. The outcome of reimbursement is between you and your insurance provider. Available only in the state of Virginia

Can we do online sessions? 

Yes, when you book your session online, I will contact you with the information for how to join me in the confidential platform for video sessions.