Have Some Fun!

Has this winter been particularly tough on anyone else? Aren’t we all in need of a little more FUN, and when was the last time that happened anyway…?…


I’m not a doctor, but if I could write you a prescription to get through these last months of winter… it would certainly include the recommendation to have a little good clean fun. The ever growing responsibilities of our lives combined with any Depression, Anxiety, or other mental health issue quickly becomes our priority. I am starting to think we really need free playtime to cope.

What is your playtime like? The type of playtime I’m promoting here doesn’t require much money or the use of substances. Im talking about: playing a movement game with your kids or pets (is “Tag” still a thing?) boardgames, creative art projects or crafts, card games, the trampoline parks, goat yoga, mario kart with real people in the same room, dodgeball, skateboard, bike…. you get the idea.

Let’s get you back in touch with your creative voice to find out what you would enjoy for playtime. What did you do as a kid that you absolutely LOVED? There’s some good info in that about what you might enjoy now. I played the piano as a kid and I hated itmostly because I hated the recitals. Turns out, as an adult, I love it. With the caveat of course that I never participate in another recital for as long as I live.

Teenage me used to COVER my bedroom walls with magazine cut-out collages. I’m talking Justin Timberlake and Mariah Carey shrines! Sometimes I added photos of my friends. I’m pretty sure I spent hours taping and cutting. As an adult, I will spare my husband from walking into a collaged bedroom and instead try collaging on a poster board or art paper, and test out if I have some fun doing it.

Maybe you didn’t get to play much as a kid, childhood is certainly a privileged experience and not one that all of us got. That doesn’t mean we can’t explore now to find the stuff that makes our hearts sing.

Sometimes I find that simply setting the intention to “have some fun” starts to work. Keep coming back to your intention and watch the world bring you the opportunities. This might all be annoyingly optimistic. I know I am coming across overly simplistic about having fun. That is my goal here, to simplify the whole thing. Think less and do more! Or do less and think more! Whatever! Just try!

Kristen Brown