It's Working!

The sound baths, group meditations, pilates reformer, yoga, spin class, CBD oil, supervision, journaling, reading, massages, long walks in the forest, saying no, and 9 hours of sleep are working!

Self-care is a hot word for therapists and clients. We are all encouraged to put together a self care routine that supports us and helps us heal and deal with everyday life. Self-care is an industry all by itself, it can actually be sold and bought

The self-care sellers claim that it works instantly. The promise is made that you will quickly feel better from what ever self-care thing you start doing. Usually the more money we spend on it, the quicker we expect it to work. 

I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is that it turns out… a self-care routine works! The bad news is that it does not work quickly. 

Only recently, after about 6 months of keeping a super steady self-care routine did I start to notice that I am consistently feeling grounded, peaceful, and more resilient. I know its the self-care routine kicking in. 

This has been tough, because all of the things I’m doing for self-care are less enticing than watching Netflix for 9 hours on a weekend. They have required commitment, inconvenience, and money. This all felt like a bit of a sacrifice, until recently when everything moved into alignment and I felt myself breathe a huge sigh of relief. I somehow always forget despite being a therapist myself, that holistic forms of healing take longer.

And we all need so much healing. 

To break down the frequency of what my routine looks like:

Daily: Yoga, pilates, or spin class. CBD oil, 9 hours of sleep, saying no, journaling

Weekly: Supervision, long walks in the forest, reading, meditations

Monthly: massages

For now, this has connected me to a great flow within myself. There is an older version of me who reads this and thinks, “Now who do I think I am dedicating so much time to myself ?”

Luckily that’s the older version. Newer me knows that all of these activities help fill up the cup that I pour out for others. 

What part of you decides your self-care routine?

Kristen BrownComment